Zahava Fertig

Zahava Fertig from Woodier, NY is currently a senior at Stern College for Women, studying Political Science. Prior to Stern, she went to MMY for seminary, and Midreshet Shalhevet for high school. After spending some summers working at Moshava I.O., this summer she co-created and facilitated a two-week mental health advocacy program for Jewish teens with a grassroots nonprofit called Project Proactive. As a returning Shevet Glaubach Fellow (and Leadership Board member) and Southern NCSY advisor, she is eagerly anticipating the start of the new academic year filled with meaningful learning opportunities and programs, development training workshops, and actively participating in new collaborative projects. Whether it will be in person or over Zoom, she looks forward to meeting and working with this year’s cohort of Shevet Glaubach Fellows as they transform the present and future development of our beloved Jewish community.