Shevet Glaubach Fellowship

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About the Shevet Glaubach Fellowship

Taking NCSY’s advisor engagement to the next level, Shevet Glaubach Fellows are passionate leaders, innovative team-players, and are driven to inspire Jewish communities around them.

The Shevet Glaubach Fellowship strives to empower current NCSY advisors and college-aged leaders to explore their developing roles as leaders in the Jewish community.

Through the Shevet Glaubach Fellowship, Fellows engage communities across the United States in meaningful Jewish programming, while expanding their skill sets and comfortability in taking on an achrayut for the broader Jewish community.

Working in small cohorts of four to six, Fellows are partnered with communities across the United States, and collaborate in their teams to develop meaningful Jewish programming which acknowledges and addresses the particular needs of the specific community. Through the leadership training and educational materials offered through the fellowship, Fellows are  provided with tools, perspectives, and resources to feel prepared and successful in engaging their communities.

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What our Fellows say:

I have been gaining so much from this fellowship, whether from powerfully inspiring Torah sessions with incredible Jewish educators, building up my own leadership and organizational skills by communicating and planning with the other fellows and our community liaison, or from making such wonderful new friends. It has been an honor and privilege to be a part of this program.

Rachel Zemble
Shevet Glaubach Fellow 2020

The Shevet Glaubach Fellowship gives us the tools we need to continue our journey in inspiring and invigorating the Jewish future and it reminds us all how lucky we are to be a part of the Jewish nation.

Zehava Fertig
Shevet Glaubach Fellow 2020

The Glaubach Fellowship gives me space where I can connect with other aspiring young Jewish leaders and cultivate a camaraderie and a friendship that will last a lifetime. These are the things that are truly important as they will not only strengthen me but, the Jewish nation as a whole.

Ariel Bugay
Shevet Glaubach Fellow 2020