Yosef Tropp

Yosef Tropp is from Teaneck, NJ. The past 2 years he was in Israel and then enrolled in YU for their Post-Pesach Program online. With God’s help he plans on continuing to attend YU this fall looking to possibly get a BS in Data Science. His summer working experience include being a counselor for Yachad at Lavi 2 years ago, working at Hasc last year, and working at Ncsy Kollel’s Project community in Teaneck this year. This past summer he felt especially prepared him for what he would do for Shevet Glaubach as he was giving Chaburas and connecting with high schoolers at the community NCSY program. He’s very excited about the opportunity Shevet Glaubach gives him to be able to spread Torah to Am Yisrael. Once being a high schooler himself, he has somewhat of an idea what it means to be struggling with connecting to Torah and know having a role model and somebody to talk to in high school would mean the world. Coming off a year and half in Eretz Yisrael and being able to really nurture a connection to Torah he’s very excited for the opportunity to give back to the Jewish teens of the Southern region.