Yonatan Noach

Shalom! My name is Yonatan Noach, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I am currently studying Finance at Yeshiva University yet how I got there particularly was not something I ever expected. Growing up in a traditional Israeli home where kosher and Friday night Shabbat meals were present, however an observant was out of the question. Around a year before I entered public high school from conservative Jewish day school I began my true spiritual journey. The truth of Judaism and my fascination with it grew into a fiery passion. My observance grew from a desire to feel closer to HaShem and my enamoration blossomed into a love that was inexpressible. My family as a result also began to appreciate its beauty much more. My history with NCSY unfolded. When I first went on TJJ which eventually culminated into three summers (TJJ AP and NCSY Kollel) and presence at events year round. The involvement I’ve had in the past has been an immense source of growth for me through my high school years and my year at Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh to which I am endlessly grateful for. That being said, my passion to make an impact and show others the beauty and authenticity of Judaism has been a growing passion of mine and to be given this platform as a Shevet Glaubach Fellow is nothing but a gift. I am hopeful and excited to show the coming generation of the Jewish people the beauty and authenticity Judaism is and am anticipating the positive impact for what this unbelievable opportunity has in store.