Yishai Attias

My name is Yishai Attias and I’m from the Five Towns in New York, after going to DRS for high school I spent two years in Yeshivat Lev Aharon and then a third year in Yeshivat Mir Yerushalayim, after spending some time in Queens College after yeshiva I’ve made the switch back to yeshiva here in the five towns. In high school my only experience with NCSY were the two summers I spent on NCSY Euro ICE (now known just as Euro Israel) by chance I found myself on Euro again this time as an advisor in the summer of 2022 and have been getting more and more involved with NCSY since. The Shevet Glaudbach Fellowship allows for more opportunities to do the same job I’ve been enjoying so much. Connecting and learning with teens has quickly become the highlight of my week and something I look forward to and all the more so with this new platform.