Tzvi Berke

Tzvi Berke from Cedarhurst, NY is currently in NYIT studying architecture. He has been an NCSY advisor since last summer when he did TJJ for NJ. Since the summer over this last year he went to the Winter Regional/Yarchei Kallah. He also been on two mission trips to New Orleans with NJ teens. Although not an NCSY program, he did go to Winnipeg for a shabbos retreat to meet high schoolers from the only Jewish school there, although it’s not a very religious community. He has mostly done NCSY programs associated with less religious teens. But one of the mission trips with a yeshiva and gave chaburahs to yeshiva teens at the winter regional. He is very excited about the opportunities through the Glaubach Fellowship because it means he gets to be involved more with
NCSY. He’s excited to have the chance to meet with more teens through NCSY and on a more consistent basis and develop deep and meaningful connections with them.