Shayna Dessau

Hi! My name is Shayna Dessau and I am from Edison, NJ. After spending an amazing year in seminary in Israel at Tiferet, I studied at Stern College and recently started my Occupational Therapy degree at Columbia University. While I participated in NSCY events in high school, this past summer I officially joined the NCSY team of leaders and became an advisor on the TJJ New Jersey bus. This summer proved to me the impact that every individual has on the Jewish community despite religious observance. The Shevet Glaubach Fellowship allows me to continue to share my passion, enthusiasm, and excitement for Torah, community, and leadership to help others reach their potential and connect to the greater Jewish community. I value each person’s contribution to the community and strongly believe that each individual has the ability to impact those around them positively; therefore I can not wait to see what my impact will be!