Sarit Perlman

Assigned to Great Neck Community, From Skokie, IL


My name is Sarit Perlman and I am from Skokie, Illinois. I went to Ida Crown Jewish Academy for high school, then to Tiferet for my gap year in Israel. I now attend Stern College where I am a senior, majoring in Early Childhood education and I am hopefully going to graduate school for my masters in special education. My involvement with NCSY started in 2013 when I attended TJJ as an ncsyer. Because of the inspiring and life changing summer that I had, I became active in Midwest NCSY, went on GIVE in 2014, JOLT in 2015 and eventually joined regional board and became Vice President of summer programs. I was also an advisor for Midwest junior Ncsy and this past summer I had the privilege of being an advisor for a New York TJJ bus which got me to become involved in New York NCSY.