Sara Saiovici

Sara Saiovici was born in Miami, FL, but grew up in Venezuela. She is currently a student in Florida International University, majoring in Dietetics and Nutrition. She was a part of NCSY for most of her high school years, and it’s something she doesn’t want to let go of now that she has graduated. The impact her advisors made on her as an NCSYer is inexplicable – she truly doesn’t know where she would be without them. She wants to give back to NCSY and do the same for teenagers now. After high school, her year in Israel, and this past year in college, she feels like she has been able to grow a lot and she is ready to help others as well. Sara is excited because not only does she think she will be able to inspire the kids, but they will inspire her and help her grow insane amounts! She is also really looking forward to building life-long relationships with them like she has with her former advisors, whom she continues to learn from daily.