Sam Sicklick

Sam Sicklick, from Woodmere, NY, went to Rambam followed by Shaalvim. He is currently starting YU and intends to major in Computer Science Distributed Systems. He was previously an NCSYer on Kollel and has been involved with several summer camps in terms of working with kids to try to help foster, strengthen, or enliven their relationship with ׳ה . He is excited about the opportunities of the fellowship because he has seen the effect that close relationships with this dynamic can have on an individuals religious experience. He and many of his friends of similar modern orthodox background have experienced it in one form through Kollel, but he also has some friends who were in public school in Jacksonville who ended up going to Yeshiva in Israel because of the affect NCSY had on him. He also has mentors who have done similar things and he is excited to follow in their footsteps. Additionally, he feels that the fellowship will give him a window into some of the other streams of Judaism and direction in terms of how to relate to them.