Rivkie Elman

Rivkie Elman, from Brooklyn, NY, is starting Queens college and is not exactly sure what she is going into, but has many interests. She don’t have any real background in NCSY but has ALWAYS been interested in kiruv; before her year in seminary, she was upstate with a friend talking to her non-religious neighbors. They ended up speaking for almost 2 hours about Jewish life and
what it means to be religious young girls; she found that she heavily enjoyed the experience and wondered if she should seek out other opportunities to “recreate” it. Obviously, this program is a perfect way to do so! She absolutely loves speaking to people, especially when it comes to Judaism, paired with deep, meaningful ideas. She also really enjoys learning and has had several chavrutas throughout this year. She believes that this program encapsulates these two things she’s most passionate about in the best way possible learning and creating close connections to people. Rivkie is truly excited to see how this will play out and what she can gain from these experiences, as well as how the larger Jewish community will hopefully be effected!