Miriam Rozin

Miriam Rozin was originally from Vinnitsya, Ukraine, but her family immigrated to the States in August of 2001 when she was only 7 years old. She currently goes to the University of South Carolina and will be (b’ezrat Hashem) double majoring in Mathematics and Psychology, and hoping to use both to either be a High School Math Teacher or a School Psychologist. This year alone, she will be tutoring one of the Shluchim’s children in math and will be teaching Jewish Studies to the 3s and 4s at the local Jewish Day School. She has previously been a camp counselor and assistant director at the local Gan Israel and was a co-teacher at the Conservative synagogue’s Sunday School program for 6th/7th graders. She is super excited to be a part of the Shevet Glaubach because she wants to give back to her community opportunities that she was unable to have growing up. She had a very unique upbringing where her family is from, but ba’al teshuva at the same time, and other than the day school and Gan Israel, there wasn’t much else for her. She wants to be able to learn with teens and have the conversations with them that she was unable to ask as a teen and she wants to be as open as possible with them. She believes that if teens have a great connection to someone a bit older than them and can truly give their questions and emotions about their yiddishkeit, then less would leave the community in general.