Meir Lightman

Assigned to Boca Montoya Circle community, From Bergenfield, NJ


My name is Meir Lightman and I am diligent, determined and ambitious. I am always eager to work collaboratively and take initiative in any project or organization that I am involved in. Raised in Bergenfield, NJ, I attended TABC for high school, Yeshivat Hakotel for a year and a half and I am currently a student in Yeshiva University. I have a passion for finance, politics and Israel, as I have interned and volunteered in these fields and I continue to pursue them while in Yeshiva University. In addition, I am motivated to give back to others and therefore I have been involved in organizations including Yachad and the Yeshivat Hakotel Leadership Program. A few summers ago I worked as a counselor at Camp Morasha and I had a life changing experience as I was able to build relationships as a role model to my campers and I continue to be in contact with them. With these interests, passions and experiences, I hope I can greatly contribute and impact many others through my involvement in the NCSY Shevet Glaubach fellowship.