Lori Schneider

Assigned to Boca Montoya Circle Community, From Springfield, NJ


My name is Lori Schneider. I am originally from Springfield, New Jersey but later in middle school I moved to Boca Raton, Florida. I grew up in a Modern Orthodox home, but never appreciated Judaism, until becoming involved with Southern NCSY in high school. I went from attending the occasional program to not missing a Shabbaton, and did all things NCSY (and JSU at my high school). I took on many leadership roles in both NCSY and JSU. Before my senior year I went on TJJ, the NCSY Summer program in Israel for public school kids. This incredible experience inspired me to attend seminary, which was not the norm in my family. I went to Machon Maayan and loved it. Now, I am currently at Lander College, an all girls school in Manhattan. I was an advisor for New Jersey in 2018-2019 and I am now a Southern NCSY advisor. I am so excited to give back to my region and inspire other teens, just as I have been inspired