Liora Nimchinsky

Assigned to Hollywood community, From Houston, TX


My name is Liora Nimchinsky and I’m a student in Stern College. I’ve lived in Houston, Texas, and moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, San Antonio, and Ottawa Canada (And hopefully Israel is my last stop!). Because I’ve moved so much, my high school situation has been incredibly challenging and rewarding at the same time. I was hesitant to start doing NCSY in high school but the ncsy community opened up their arms to me and I never looked back. To me every Shabbaton is just on very big family reunion. I knew that after my high school experience with NCSY, that I wouldn’t be done there, and that I HAD to give back. After my gap year in Israel where I studied in Shaalvim for women, I went to stern and started my journey with Southern NCSY!