Keren Raskin

Hi! My name is Keren Raskin, and I am from West Orange, New Jersey. I had the incredible zechus to attend Sha’alvim for Women and am now a Junior in Stern College for Women majoring in Speech Pathology/Audiology. When I was a camper, I had incredible counselors who unknowingly served as strong, religious role models for me. Because of these leaders that paved the path for me through their leadership and compassion, it has been a constant and long term goal of mine to go out and be that role model for others, and to actively help foster their own journeys regarding their relationships with Am Yisrael, HaShem, and even themselves. I am incredibly excited about the opportunities I will be able to take advantage of through the NCSY Shevet Glaubach Fellowship to iy’H make a positive difference in our Jewish communities today, and really be able to pay it forward to the next Jewish generation with the leadership, compassion, and love for Judaism that those before instilled and fostered in me.