Julia Sherman

Julia Sherman is currently a senior at Lander College for Women and studying Psychology, but is planning on staying an extra year to get a Judaic Studies major as well. She has been involved with NCSY since 9th grade, serving on both chapter and regional board. She also had the opportunity to go on NCSY GIVE in the summer of 2015. After an amazing seminary year in Machon Ma’ayan, she had the privilege to be an advisor for New Jersey NCSY for the past two years (for the Teaneck and Metro West chapters). She also had the amazing opportunity to attend a chessed mission to Houston, TX with Bruriah students where we rebuilt houses, volunteered at a food bank, and more. She is excited about the opportunities that come with the Shevet Glaubach Fellowship because she wants to be even more involved with NCSY and inspiring teenagers through Torah, Chessed, and fun events.