Devorah Stuart

Devorah Stuart, from Toronto, Canada, is currently living in Boca Raton, FL. She attended Tomer Devorah seminary this past year and will be iy’h attending Touro College this fall semester to study nutrition. Her love towards NSCY truly sparked a few summers ago when she attended their summer program called GIVE. Throughout her experience on GIVE, she was fortunate to witness the utmost love NCSY has for their participants and how much they care about their growth and success within Judaism. When she heard about the Shevet Glaubach Fellowship, she immediately wanted to be a part of it. Having the ability to learn, grow, answer questions and create a relationship is something she would be very fortunate to do with someone who may never have had the opportunity to do so. There are infinite topics and ideas in Judaism that she has been fortunate enough to learn, which have changed her life for the better. Sharing and learning these ideas as well as many more would be such an amazing opportunity and she looks forward to Iy’h doing so.