Daniella Furman

Daniella Furman, from West Hempstead, NY, went to SKA for high school, and then MIDMO for seminary. She now attends Adelphi University studying to become an RN in a joint BSN program. She went on GIVE Israel going into 11th grade. Little did she know she would come back with a new passion and outlook on torah and religion. She was raised in a frum halachik home, however GIVE made her have an excitement and passion of her own! She got extremely close with one of her advisors and through watching her pure love of torah and Judaism, and countless conversations with her, Daniella was given a new outlook and took on a new approach to making Judaism her own. Joining the scholarship would give her the opportunity to give back to the organization that gave so much to her. She would love to have the opportunity to effect the lives of teens just like her advisor affected her!