Avigail Sheinbein

Avigail Sheinbein, making an appearance for her 3rd consecutive year in Southwest NCSY, originally grew up in Bergenfield, NJ and is currently working at Suss Dental group. Avigail’s past education includes RYNJ, Bruriah High School, 1.5 years at Midreshet Moriah and most recently a biology degree from Stern/Yeshiva University. While Avigail enjoys a good adventure or a solid kumzits, she’s incredibly passionate about creating heartfelt relationships that enable others to feel connected to klal yisrael —which has lead her to remain a part of the year NCSY staff. Avigail strongly believes that every person has their own spark to add to the world, and she can’t wait to delve deeper into the realm of connection and growth through Torah with new and old NCSYers. A Glaubach fellow envelops more than just positive energy, as it demands hard-work and deep thought; knowing this Avigail hopes to sharpen her understanding of true Avodas Hashem as she surrounds herself with people who are looking to understand more about who the Jewish people are on an individual and national level. Avigail can’t wait to establish vibrant energies and a newfound appreciation for Judaism as a SGF!