Avi Greenberg

Avi Greenberg, from Woodmere, NY, just started YU and studying Business. Three and four summers ago he had the privilege of being in NCSY Kollel where he had the most amazing summers and Iearned so much about what it means to be a Jew. In his second summer in Kollel he roomed with 4 friends and 4 kids from Vegas who were part of the Mechina Program. Having this setup was incredible for him and for the others. They would have very meaningful conversations about Yidishkeit which helped him a lot and I’m sure it helped them as well. It helped him because he needed to know the reasons for why we do many things that we do in Judaism. Many of these things he realized that he didn’t know before they asked me, so he went to a rebbe or Madrich and asked the question to them so that he can give them the correct answer. Over the course of the 6 weeks we became very close with them and even some of them he has spoke to recently. this summer he had the privilege of being an advisor for New York NCSY and he felt that he was able to have an impact even in the few short weeks he spent with the NCSY’ers. He is very excited about opportunities of the Shevet Glaubach Fellowship because it can give him the opportunity to give over why he feels it’s Geshmak to be a Yid. It will also allow him to form relationships with teens whom he can speak to on a daily basis and have an impact on.