Asher Gritz

Asher Gritz, from Boca Raton, FL, became observant over a decade ago, and has been striving to grow as a Jew and Ben Torah. His High School NCSY experiences including Chapter, Regional, and National boards and summer programs Camp Sports, Kollel, and JOLT infused within him that drive as well as the resources to quench it. Along the way he has gained tremendously from all the experiences he has had; whether being the only religious Jew in his Jewish Day school, the transplanting of his family to the Boca Raton Synagogue Jewish Community, or his years in Israel. But the biggest blessing has been the impact he has had on others along his journey. His whole family is now frum and admiringly he can say that his sister, Michal, has surpassed him in countless ways. After graduating from DKJA, he spent three years studying and growing at Yishrei Lev in Eretz Israel. He am currently 2nd year in Yeshiva University where he is learning in Rabbi Sobolofsky’s shiur, the Undergraduate Halacha B’Iyun Chabura, and majoring in ‘Psychology in the Community’. He has been an advisor for NCSY Camp Sports for the past 3 Summers including as Learning Coordinator as well as a Southern NCSY Advisor since returning from Israel. He is excited to to be able to put his passion, skills, and knowledge into action and sharpen them through the opportunities afforded by the Shevet Glaubach Fellowship.