Aliza Zavdi

Aliza Zavdi, from Los Angeles, CA, has attended Tiferet seminary this previous year and she will be attending Stern this year. She is interested in the Shevet Glaubach Fellowship because she strongly believes that connecting and having a relationship with someone goes beyond your religious observance. And by learning with someone who may see things from another perspective could lead to really growth oriented and thought provoking discussions. Another thing that makes her especially interested in the fellowship is that she was raised in a chabad household but it wasn’t until she was older when her parents put her in a non chabad high school that she gained an appreciation for the outreach that chabad does and she started a chabad club at her school. She would go with groups of girls to hand out candles for shabbos to Jewish women who otherwise wouldn’t have lit shabbos candles. She thinks it’s so beautiful to see that we are all a part of am yisrael and even if someone isn’t necessarily observant we can still connect and help each other grow.