Adina Peck

Adina Peck is currently studying Psychology and thinking about minoring in Quantitative Sciences at Emory University. She grew up as a curious and proud Jew in Charlotte, NC; yet, until high school, she didn’t know how deeply she loved learning Jewish topics, and she didn’t know that there were others – let alone thousands – who were serious about becoming a better person and more educated Jew. Recently, she studied in Israel at Midreshet Tehillah, led a chabura with a handful of holy teens over Zoom, initiated a Charlotte NCSY chapter, worked as a Southern Region advisor, and has been teaching folks how to read Hebrew. She has been blessed to learn from brilliant, compassionate role models who’ve helped her to see Judaism as a boundless source of wisdom and community, and it would be her greatest privilege and joy to be such a mentor for others. I’m excited to build connections with thoughtful individuals through the Shevet Glaubach Fellowship and reveal and arouse teens’ love of Torah and Yiddishkeit. She hopes to empower them to continue lifelong journeys of Jewish enrichment and self-development, and she looks forward to guiding and supporting them to the best of her ability.