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How can one build a trusting, safe, relationship? What does it mean to listen with empathy? Where are the lines crossed in terms of safety and when and how can a Fellow respect their teens’ and peers’ confidentiality?

For this leadership development seminar, fellows were invited to join first in a conversation with Rav Moshe Tzvi surround the importance of Makir et Mekomo. “knowing one’s place.” Both in the context of humilty and in the context of taking initiative and responsibility for oneself, one’s peers and the greater Jewish community. Rav Moshe Tzvi answered questions on how to develop oneself as a leader, and how to effectively work in groups with new people, and in new contexts.

Fellows, as well as advisors, were then invited to a panel on relationship building, empathy, and active listening moderated by Anna Krausz with panelists R. Joey Rosenfeld, addiction psychologist, and R. Josh Grajower. Fellows asked broad questions about building relationships as well as very specific questions on their work engaging with teens, exploring and reflecting on what it means to build a truly deep and empathetic relationship.


Conversation with R. Moshe Tzvi:




Date and Time

February 29th
7:45-10:00 PM


Milford, NJ


R. Joey Rosenfeld
R. Josh Grajower
Anna Krausz