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Shevet Glaubach Fellows Tal Yaron, Simon Assouline, Chananya Shiff, Liora Nimchinsky, Sivan Import, Hannah Zar, Zach Tuchman, Ariel Bugay, and Aviel Avidan traveled to the Hollywood community for an incredible shabbos. The fellows worked together leading up to the shabbaton, meeting over zoom and communicating as a group to plan activities and discuss programming. Friday morning the fellows enjoyed the opportunity to share brunch together, made sure last minute housing details were taken care of, and got ready to greet the teens and community. On Shabbos evening the fellows shared a beautiful meal and led sessions put together by the Fellow Aviel Avidan. After the meal, the fellows lead a spirited oneg and multiple felows shared words of Torah. On Shabbos day the Fellows joined together for lunch and seudat shlishit, at which a few of them shared words of Torah as well, and as Shabbos came to an end the fellows helped lead ebbing and Havdallah. On motzei Shabbos everyone went to an activity together before the fellows headed for the airport to return home. Many of the teens said that this was their favorite, most impactful Shabbos ever. The Fellows shared the sentiment. Looking forward to the next Shabbaton in Hollywood!


Planning as a group over brunch:

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Date and Time

February 28- 29


Young Israel of Hollywood

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