Ben Gamla Charter School, Florida
Ben Gamla is not just a Charter School in Hollywood Florida, but is one of the strongest communities in the Southern region. Each year many of the teen leaders of Southern come from Ben Gamla. If you want to be a part of the powerhouse that is Ben-Gamla, this is your communtiy.
Region: Southern
Boca Grove, Florida
Boca Grove community is based in its strong TJJ community. Southern’s TJJ program is one of the most successful in the nation. With three buses set for this summer, TJJ is an amazing “city” for fellows who want to immerse themselves in southern NCSY culture.
Region: Southern
Boca Montoya Circle, Florida
Known for its chesed and ahavat yisrael, Boca chapter is Guided by R’ Shmuel Barak this chapter is always running different chesed missions and programs. Whether its beach cleanups or Shabbat around the world this chapter is always thinking of ways to help the community at large.
Region: Southern
Coral Springs, Florida
What Coral Springs lacks in size it makes up in heart. Guided by R’ Ben Klien, The Coral Springs chapter has some of our finest teen leaders including our regional president. Fellows will have an opportunity to really work with teens to create conducive programming.
Region: Southern
Emtza Community, Florida
Southern Emtza is the premier middle school program of NCSY. Led by Jason Segelbaum and Ariel Bugay, in this community, fellows will have the opportunity to work with and design programming specifically geared toward middle-schoolers.
Region: Southern
Englewood, New Jersey
Englewood offers an opportunity to connect with new teens, new shuls, and many new faces. With the guidance of R. Aryeh Wielgus, connect with a community that is passionate about deepening their connection to inspirational Torah.
Region: New Jersey
Five Towns, New York
In this community, Fellows will have the opportunity to work with multiple shuls, primarily, YILC (The young Israel of Lawrence Cedarhearst) a primarily day school demographic of teens, and Young Israel of Hewlett, a primarily public school demographic of teens. Through both of these experiences, fellows will have the opportunity to work with and inspire a wide range of teens coming from a span of backgrounds.
Region: New York
Great Neck, New York
Great Neck is an incredibly warm community, filled with teens who are passionate about deepening their connection to inspirational Torah. The Mishadi community in Great Neck goes back to the early 1700s in Iran. The community is as diverse as it is old and places a strong emphasis on unity. They often refer to themselves as a large family instead of a community.
Region: New York
Great Neck א, New York
Great Neck is an incredibly warm community, filled with teens who are passionate about deepening their connection to inspirational Torah. This is a diverse community, and in this group, you will have the opportunity not only to connect with many familiar faces, but also to connect with teens from different backgrounds and experiences.
Region: New York
Greater Miami, Florida
One need not look past the name of the chapter to recognize their greatness. Presided over by Rachel Brecher, Greater Miami is always striving for excellence. Whether its a latte and learn or a chapter Shabbaton you know in Greater Miami they will be bringing the heat.
Region: Southern
Greater South Carolina
Carolina is our largest community comprised of multiple different cities. These include, Charlotte, Charleston, Columbia and Myrtle Beach. If you're looking for a diverse group and are excited to build up a Jewish youth presence, Carolina is your community.
Region: Southern
Hollywood, Florida
Led by R’ Moshe Freilech, Hollywood chapter is known for its fiery passion. That is not only because of its majority Israeli-Sephardi demographic. Rather, they are the reigning chapter of the year. So grab your Schug and hide the gefilte fish!
Region: Southern
Israel Advocacy, Virtual
Led by world class policy experts Daniel Geller and Rabbi Uri Pilichowski, Israel Advocacy is no walk in the park. Our teens in Israel Advocacy are some of the best and brightest. They are active in the political sphere on and beyond their school campuses. In Israel Advocacy you will get a complete and comprehensive history of Israel as well as tools to defend Israel on college campuses against an ever-growing antisemetic movement.
Region: Virtual
Jacksonville, Florida
Jacksonville’s chapter, run by R’ Joey Hamoui is one of the warmest chapters in the region. They truly are an embodiment of southern hospitality. Being a smaller chapter, fellows will have an opportunity to get more involved in the managerial side of the shabbos program.
Region: Southern
Kew Gardens Hills, New York
Kew Gardens Hills is a very well established and very friendly community. It is a relatively diverse community, and many of the teens go to MTA or Central. We will be based out of the Etz Chaim and Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills Shuls primarily.
Region: New York
Manhattan, New York
Manhattan is a very exciting community and will be primarily based out of the Upper East Side for the Shevet Glaubach Shabbatons. The vast majority of teens Fellows will meet attend Ramaz or very elite public schools, and Fellows will have the opportunity to bring real excitement and inspiration to NYC!
Region: New York
Orlando, Florida
This up and coming community in central florida knows how to have a good time. That's not just because Disney World is right around the corner, but also because it is led by non-other that Daniel Nabatian. A long time NCSY City and Summer Program director, Daniel has turned this rural community into an exciting place to be.
Region: Southern
Plainview, New York
Plainview is a budding community within NY NCSY where fellows will have the opportunity to assist in the planning of many inaugural Plainview events and help establish a great presence for meaningful Jewish programming within the community.
Region: New York
Savannah, Georgia
Savanna boast one of the oldest synagogues in North America. While the infrastructure might go far back, there is nothing doddering about this community. Known to be a very warm group, the Savanna team is a welcoming family and incredibly active with close-knit learning and programming.
Region: Southern
West Palm Beach, Florida
West Palm Beach bleeds Blue and White. Steered by R’ Aryeh Berzon, WPB is leading the charge against anti-Semitism with its many Israel advocacy programs. In this community, you’ll meet amazing teens with a love and devotion to Israel second to none.
Region: Southern
Yeshiva Day School, Southern Florida
With the growth of the Jewish Community in Southern Florida over the past 20 years, Yeshiva day schools have hit record numbers. As a proud alumni of a South Florida Yeshiva, NCSY staff member Ariel Bugay is excited to work with this community again to help it grow to new heights.
Region: Southern

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